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Providing the means to help the  community as they strive to  become self sufficient

Funds were available to assist 20 families. The elderly drew lots to decide who would benefit.

As she received a hoe Jolly Kembuga could not hide her joy she said:

“May the good God bless those who have remembered us. This is wonderful”

Lydia Twinomugisha who cares for four orphans received two piglets, she said:

“Praised the Lord for the piglets. God is good. I have never expected to get piglets. This is a miracle from God! How could I get them? This is my only item where I can get money from. It is my only hope. Thank you”

Basic training in agriculture and animal husbandry was given to the lucky ones

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Each family will receive training, hoes and seeds, two piglets and two egg laying hens.

The nearest water supply was the lake 1½ miles away. Five shallow wells have also been provided for this community

Edward Kagurire stated;

"am so much happy for the shallow well repair, at least our families are now safe with clean water and water related diseases are no more, we have had enough suffering, the poor and distant health centres had become our homes due to diseases caused by dirty water, now the money we are to spend in hospitals is to help us meet other needs thanks so much”

Each of the families have now received two hens and everything they need to collect and store safe water for their domestic needs and to water their crops.

You will see below how the Parish Project in Kaleere, Uganda progressed, the testimonies and feedback from the project have been very encouraging and real progress has been made by this community.

We have several PARISH PROJECTS underway in Rwanda and Uganda changing the lives of communities in need. In order for this support to continue WE NEED YOUR DONATIONS

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Applying a holistic approach tailored to the most urgent needs of each community.

Working in partnership with the local church

Stage one provides for approximately twenty families within the community together with support for a project that will benefit the community as a whole. Each Parish Project is funded over several phases with reports and feedback provided at the end of each phase. Additional support to improve health and education is provided as needs arise.

If phase one is successful a further twenty families will be selected and phase two will commence.

As livestock breed and the first young are passed on our financial contribution to each phase can reduce. As families are equipped and become more self sufficient so school fees are paid and community issues are addressed.

School equipment and uniforms have been provided for the orphans who would otherwise be unable to attend school.

Lunch has been provided at school for all 200+ youngsters who would otherwise generally eat just once a day, in the evening.

April 2017: A further 20 families have been selected and phase 2 is underway

Praise God, the arrival of rain, and lots of it, has ensured the success of the next seasons crops.

Unfortunately rain brings mosquitos and without nets to protect them most of this community are now suffering from malaria.

Funds have been sent and, as the nearest clinic is 6km away with no guarantee of drugs being available, a medical team have been brought to the village and provided with an array of treatments. Many have been treated for malaria pneumonia and stomach ulcers.

Hopefully we will be able to send funds for mosquito nets soon.

Mixed blessings
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Thank you  for your support

Young and old alike have received mosquito nets as a result of YOUR donations. THANK YOU

May 2017

Aug 2018

Rosemary has started a business selling firewood

Young and old alike have become involved in building the school. Now they just need a roof!!!

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Thank you  for your support for our  PARISH PROJECTS Gisanga Scale up Proj  report 9Sept 2018.pdf

Daniel was born in 1984. In his testimony he said:

“Manure from the goat will contribute to food growth while the words from the Bible will nourish our souls. It is a complete package!”

To read a full report from Gisanga Parish click on Daniel’s picture


Sept 2019

The roof is on and the doors and windows are in.

As the number of children increase £1000 is now required to purchase 30 additional desks.

The elderly folk are not putting their feet up though, they have started making bricks for the remaining three classrooms which are required to provide a ‘complete’ school.