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Imagine watching your child die from something as treatable and preventable as malaria or dysentery, seeing them lose limbs as a result of infection that was left untreated or suffer daily the effects of worms and other such afflictions. Our health projects assist church run clinics to address these issues and more. You will be surprised how little it costs to save a life.


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Improved health impacts the entire family, increasing the ability to care for the family, work and tend the land. Money saved on medication can be used to provide food and school fees.

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In Rwanda medical insurance is available for just £3 per year / per person and ensures access to medical care when needed. Unfortunately the entire household must have an insurance card before they are able to access care, and for many £3 each is far more than they can afford.

You could help ensure more families have medical care, who knows, your £3 may save a limb, or a life!!!



One child dies every 2 minutes from malaria (WHO statistics). How long have you been browsing the net?

Malaria is easily preventable, £10 buys a treated mosquito net that covers a double mattress, enough for the entire family.

Malaria is easily treatable for just £5. 

Your support for the Health fund enables mosquito nets to be purchased for families in need and treatments for malaria and other illnesses to be provided to the church run clinics with which we partner.


Church run clinics will attempt to treat all regardless of their ability to pay, unfortunately they are often woefully ill equipped and basic medical equipment is a luxury.

By providing anything, from protective gloves to mattresses and microscopes, your donations enable those in most need to receive the care they deserve.

A daily walk of several kilometres to collect water from the lake is the norm for many in Africa. There is a significant risk of encountering Hippos as the dirty, contaminated water is gathered. 

You could help us provide water tanks and shallow wells for communities, schools and clinics, saving time, effort and lives as health is improved through the provision of safe water. Typically a 10k litre tank, fed from a school or church roof, costs £1500 .

Will you be one of the next 10 people to donate £15 enabling another tank to be provided.


Church run clinics are generally short staffed, those who are employed often find there are insufficient funds to be fully paid each month. CHI currently support the wages of three additional nurses for the clinics with which we are linked. This support enables communities to be visited by trained staff and educated in basic hygiene, family planning nutrition and child vaccination, significantly improving the health of these communities.

Just £8 pays a days wage for one nurse. Could you make a one off or regular donation to our NURSE + project?

Please contact the office if you would like to make a regular contribution.

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Amount to Donate:


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