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MEDICINES  & EQUIPMENT for church run clinics

Just £5 can save the life of a person suffering from something as treatable as Malaria or Diarrhoea but without your support these medicines are often unavailable.

A proper hospital bed is a luxury in these church run clinics. Your donations provide beds and other essential equipment.

Amount to Donate:

DID YOU KNOW that Health insurance is available in Rwanda?

This insurance pays for treatment for any illness and 90% of the cost of medicine. Even this small amount is too much for most poor families to provide insurance for all members of the family. This could mean that they do not seek medical help when they need it.

Imagine not being able to visit  the Doctor when you are really Sick?

Combating Malaria is a constant battle and in Rwanda instances of Malaria have increased three-fold in recent times. Many, particularly young children, die because their families are too poor to afford the care they need.

The church in Rwanda are assisting where they can and we would like to help them do more.

£3 per person per year is the cost of Health insurance in Rwanda

Imagine knowing for just £3  you may have saved a life

ACCESS TO SAFE WATER impacts the health of entire communities.

Donations to our Health fund enable us to provide water tanks and wells for those communities in most need

Amount to Donate:
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campaign are now available to download here

Take part in our Count your blessings 7 day challenge.

Why not encourage your family and friends to join in?

Just for fun or maybe a colouring competition for Sunday schools or toddler groups.

Just request a small donation for each colouring sheet

Email us :

For a fundraising pack including colourful stickers to chart your progress and encourage your friends, church or group to get involved please

Paid for

Paid for

Paid for

This picture shows the first families receiving everything they require to collect and store water for their domestic needs and to water their crops.

PLEASE help us to assist the families who are still waiting patiently.

Just £30 provides for a family in need

Click the picture to watch a video