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Supporting interventions to move communities and individuals towards a life of self-sufficiency rather than dependency improves health and education, and restores dignity and hope.


The benefits to a family of providing Hens £5, Pigs £25, or Goats £30, goes far beyond anything we in the west can possibly imagine. Manure, eggs, milk and young to use, or sell to provide the basic needs of the family, is only the start.

As the recipients in a community form groups to support each other, study the Bible and pray together communities are strengthened and reconciled and many come to know the love of God.

As the livestock reproduce the first female is passed to a neighbour and the blessings are shared.  Savings groups are formed and lives improve.

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Plots of land may be small, but without regular paid work growing sufficient to feed their families can be a matter of life or death for many.

Providing a £5 bag of seeds ensures “good seed can be scattered on the land”. We pray that “it is fed and watered by God’s almighty hand.” because the walk to fetch the water can be many kilometers!!!

The climate allows for three growing seasons a year, but providing the seeds is a challenge for many of the poorest families

Not every family has a sufficient plot of land, however a small micro-finance loan of around £50 can be enough to start or improve a small business. This can be life changing for those who rely on casual work, often earning the equivalent of just £1 per day in a country where supermarket prices are almost as high as the UK and rent for a poor one room home is around £25 per month.

Fardison Turyazayo benefited from this scheme, he trained in bicycle repairs and started his own business. Three years later he has bought a small plot of land and built a house for his family.

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