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Ref: BYU224

Aline Niyoniringiye DoB 20th August 2013 she has 5 siblings

Aline lives with her parents and siblings, her father suffered a stroke and is unable to work. Her mother struggles to provide the basic needs of the family and the children suffer from malnutrition.

Aline is well behaved and attends Sunday School, she helps at home and assists her mother when she is able to find agricultural work.

Aline studies in primary 1.

Ref: BYU218

Veneranda Dusingizimana DoB 3rd April 2010, she has 3 sisters.

Veneranda lives with her family, her parents are casual workers who often fail to provide enough for even one meal a day. She is a well behaved girl who sings in Sunday School,enjoys praying and wishes to join the worship team. She is an intellegent girl but a lack of fees means she is often unable to attend school.

Veneranda studies in primary 6

Kurana Cuyomoro Gisa DoB 7th September 2015 he has 0 siblings

Kurana lives with his parents who are casual workers. They struggle to provide the basic needs of the family.

Kurana is a healthy, active little boy who loves to play football with his friends, he also helps his parents with simple chores around the home. Sponsorship would give him the opportunity to attend school regularly.

Kurana studies in Primary 1

Ref: BYU214

Melissa Nuwanjye Uwase DoB 2nd January 2007 one of 6 children.

Melissa lives with her parents and siblings. They are subsistence farmers and struggle to provide for the needs of the family. Melissa enjoys Chemistry and History and would like to be a nurse. Her hobbies include playing cards and singing in the school choir.

Melissa studies in Senior one.

Ref: KBO198

Vestine Tuyishime DoB 21st November 2006 one of 5 children.

Vestine likes studying Mathematics and French and playing football, she would like to be a teacher. Her parents are subsistence farmers and struggle to provide the basic needs of the family.

Vestine studies in senior one

Ref: KBO197

Joshua Niyo DofB 20th September 2011 he has 4 siblings.

Joshua lives with his parents and siblings, his father is diabetic and unable to work, his mother struggles to provide the basic needs of the family. It is not unusual for them to go without food.

Joshua studies in primary 5

Alan Mushoranyambo DofB 22nd October 2013 he has three siblings.

Before Covid Alan’s family ran a small shop. They were forced to eat the stock during lockdodwn and the shop has now closed. An aunt has taken the mother and children to her home as they are unable to afford food or rent.

Alan would love to return to live with his father and return to school.

Alan studies in primary 2.

Ref: GAS148

Kevine Kamanzi DofB 25th January 2015 she has 2 brothers.

Kevine lives with her family, her father is an alcoholic who lost his job in the army. Her mother struggles to provide for the family who often go without food.

Kevine loves singing and sings in her parish choir.

Kevine studies in primary 2

Ref: GAS149

Ref: GAS150

Fabrice Tuyizere DoB 2nd March 2006 one of 5 children

He enjoys playing football, likes studying Geography and English and would like to become a teacher or a footballer. His parents are subsistence farmers with very little land and struggle to provide his school materials and fees.

Fabrice studies in senior one

Ref: KBO201

Health Insurance is available in Rwanda for just £3 per person per year. Your child is insured through their sponsorship but the rest of their family may not be able to afford the cost.

If you would like to support your child’s family by covering this cost then please contact the office or leave a message in the box on the sponsorship application form.





£15 per month

CAN change a life


In Rwanda children are supported in three Sponsorship programmes in:



GASABO (Kigali)


Step 1: Choose a child and note their reference.

Step 2: Click the child’s picture.            

Step 3: Complete the form and press submit.

Step 4: We send you confirmation and payment details.

Step 5: You confirm payment has been set up.

Step 6: We send an attractive card with details of your child.


GASABO (Kigali)

Do we have your details?

In order to keep you informed of your child’s progress we need to keep in touch.

We would ask you to give us permission to keep your details for future use by inserting a Y in the contact box on the form.  

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